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How it started

Some time ago I wrote about my understanding of being, simply being. My understanding, while nowhere near complete, originated from a meditation practise that I started a few years ago. While my practice has been on and off since then, at some point I realised that in order to really explore and appreciate the benefits of meditation, I had to commit to it.

Not only did I need to commit to doing it, but I also needed to commit time to doing it. As it turns…

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See you later, alligator

It comes with a heavy heart that I am at a point where this kind of post is necessary; alas, some things have to be done, whether we like it or not. As you may have gathered from last week’s post, where I wrote about my current struggles with pessimism, my mental stability is not where it should be. …

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An awakening

I’ve noticed something over the past year, mainly in the months leading to the end of 2020, and it’s that people are slowly but surely becoming very pessimistic. And the saddest part isn’t seeing it in the familiar faces around me, but rather in the most familiar face of all. The one staring back at me in the mirror.

A confession

I don’t know if maybe things are getting harder or if we’re getting weaker from the…

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Then and now

Two weeks ago I wrote about what I call Shotgun Consumerism. This entails how I feel we, as a society, don’t really know much about going into a consumerist environment with one goal in mind and acting out that goal specifically. …

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I had an interesting experience the other day, and I’d like to share it with you.

I was driving on the freeway, on my way home to visit family for the weekend. It’s common decency, and somewhat of an unwritten rule, that when someone behind you flashes their headlights, they are politely asking you to move over for them. …

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Same same, but different

In my experience, there are two types of people; the perusers and the in-and-outers. I’m going to try to explain the difference here, rather strangely perhaps, so wish me luck.

We all need to go out and do some shopping eventually, whether we enjoy it or not, and we like to think that we know exactly what we want when we make the trip. Now, you get to your destination (let’s say it’s a grocery store…

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A promise to you is a promise to me

How often do we sit back and watch life pass us by? Do we sit and think about the future, or do we dwell on the past? Maybe we look at the past and wish differently for our future. Or, maybe we look so far ahead into our future that we forget to take the lessons of our past with us.

I think that we spend so much time in this purgatory of analysis, that we forget to just live our lives for the present. We forget that we can close our phones and go out somewhere new…

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Part 2 of 2

Writing is hard. Writing is damn hard. Roughly a year ago I started a journey I had no real idea would progress the way that it has, and I wrote last week about how fast that year has flown past me.

I started this blog practically out of a task we were given as postgraduate students, but it became more than that. For years I had wanted to start writing, after gaining so much insight from other writers and feeling like I could do the same in some way, shape or form; but I lacked the motivation. I…

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A missed milestone

Spend enough time on the productivity hype-train of the current day-and-age and you’ll have likely come across the heading for this article more than a few times. Funnily enough, as cliche as it is to talk about these days, I believe there is some truth to it.

With all the commotion of the past few weeks, there was a very important milestone for this blog that I missed. I have been successfully writing a weekly blog for an…

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Today’s post is a therapy session. If that’s not for you, then feel free to close your browser. If it is, then I welcome you to join me on this journey. We don’t always have good days, but every day is one closer to a good one.

You’ll also see that this article’s thumbnail is written in analogue, because my iPad and Apple Pencil have finally reached their…

Zachary Styles

Full-time designer, illustrator and lettering artist. Part time lecturer. Part time student. Experiencing the world through words, both written and drawn.

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